This map speaks volumes. Rich whites in Bismark had no trouble re-routing this disaster across the Rez. Bismark’s ground water too precious to risk it. Welcome to Trumpville. The saddest part is the US government lying to the Sioux for 160 years. Now Koch Industries is running the show. This story is being ignored by the mainstream press for one reason: the mainstream press has been enabling government sponsored racism and natural resources theft from native Americans since before the Civil War. No end in sight. The lines on this map clearly define one thing: a double standard of epic proportions. Kudos to Northlandia and HuffPost for covering the Standing Rock/No DAPL story.



When I decided to become a cartographer, I didn’t just want to make pretty and useful maps. I became a cartographer to make maps that change the world for the better. Right now, no situation needs this kind of map more than the current drama unfolding around the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline’s crossing of the Missouri River.

Thousands of Native Americans and their allies have gathered on unceded Sioux land delimited by the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie to try and stand in the way of the “black snake” that could poison the Standing Rock Reservation’s water supply. Many have noted that the pipeline corridor was repositioned from its original route north of Bismarck after white citizens spoke up against the threat a spill would pose to their drinking water–a threat duly recognized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Yet the Corps failed its federal mandate for meaningful consultation with the…

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