Claudia Bucher’s Event HerEyeZone at Taylor Junction in Joshua Tree.


Claudia Bucher                                         butterphoto©2016

This is a trap designed to get the viewer to go NEXT SUNDAY, May 1 to Taylor Junction on Hiway 62 in Joshua Tree. Claudia Bucher’s  Event HerEyeZone is a must experience, so like I said…May 1 at Taylor Junction (open only on Sundays).

I went back yesterday with my reading glasses for a second, closer look at Event HerEyeZone, Claudia’s major work done in 2014. Her goal: to do one drawing a day that described that day. Boy are these drawings descriptive! Deeply personal, dreamy, hilarious, bizarre, dazzlingly rendered and a wonderful glimpse of a person’s year, all brilliantly compacted on 5×7 inch journal pages.

No, Butter isn’t going to pretend to be an art critic. I just want YOU to check out something special. Nor do I make any photographer’s apology about leaving a blemish on Claudia’s cheek (remains of a dermatology freeze-treatment). During the photo shoot, Claudia mentioned it as being representative of Event HerEyeZone depicting physical reality, back pain, several other kinds of pain–as humor– and a wholelotta other interesting, surreal, hysterical stuff—that you would miss if you didn’t truck on down to Taylor Junction THIS SUNDAY.

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