Jimmy Breslin RIP



Breslin was batting .550 against Trump screwballs. What happened to the rest of the NY news teams? In one 1990 column, Jimmy perfectly lays out the failure of US journalism in 2016 . Hat trick? Grand Slam? You bet. What the USA needs desperately: Breslin (RIP), Hunter S Thompson (RIP), I.F. Stone (RIP), David Broder (RIP) ER Murrow (RIP_thanks Lucky Strikes), Bill Mauldin (RIP), Mike Royco (RIP), Studs Terkel (RIP), Murray Kempton (RIP.) would knock Trump’s bullshit so far out of the park… If RIP had a laptop, Trump would be in pauper prison.

All Trump has to do is stick to the rules on which he was raised by his father in the County of Queens (and Trump lawyer, Roy Cohn):

Never use your own money. Steal a good idea and say it’s your own. Do anything to get publicity. Remember that everybody can be bought.

The trouble with Trump’s father was that he was a totally naive man. He had no idea that you could buy the whole news reporting business in New York City with a return phone call.” -Jimmy Breslin, 1990.

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