Closing Party Today, 1/29


Closing party, same art, same live music, Sunday, 1/29, 5pm.

Thanks Terry Taylor- and Rolo Castillo, Michel Cicero for the swell opening, Saturday 1/14/17 Taylor Junction Gallery, 61732 29 Palms Hwy Joshua Tree, California

2nd Saturday Art Party, Spot On exhibition opening with Holly Phillips, William Loveless, myself. Thanks Bob Fisher for special foods. Thanks Josh Kjerstad for music and sound.



Left, far wall William Loveless. Right, Canned Hams and desert rocks by David Butterfield.


Butter sings, Rolo’s Tiny Stage, left. Holly Phillips, right.


Terry Taylor-Castillo, William Loveless. Spot On exhibition, beautifully summarized in this Karin Mayer photo.


Josh Kjerstad,  Rolo Castillo silkscreen prints.


Holly Phillips


Michel Cicero and Cheryl Montelle

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