1978 B.P. Before skate Parx


1978, San Francisco City College. Photograph by R Valentine Atkinson.

Road Rider 4s, 1/2 Trackers, home-made deck.


Then SkatePark Alameda opened. 1979.

PowerFlex 3s, 1/2 Trackers, home-made oak deck.


Commemorative poster, Fuckin A Crazy, 1964–2004 ABQ-SFO-LAX 40th Anniversary. SF Presidio, 2004. Comet (SF) longboard.


Glenwood Hills, Albuquerque. Sandia Crest behind. In 1964, this was the newest subdivision in the Heights. Bombed down the new paved streets on home-made 36 inch walnut board, Roller Derby trucks and clay wheels, at 25 mph, no pullouts. Road rash was a wicked badge of courage.

One Reply to “1978 B.P. Before skate Parx”

  1. The road extracts some skin cells. They dry
    But the DNA don’t die. It flies
    It mates with a jumpin’ cholla
    Its baby hooks a ride on jackass rabbit
    Up to your daughter’s back door


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