The Sun Records Story. Big River with DJ Butter

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The Sun Records Story on Big River with DJ Butter. One hour podcast. Click arrow to play.

Sam Phillips has been receiving much deserved appreciation and attention since the publication of Peter Guralnick’s  Sam Phillips, the man who invented Rock n Roll. This episode of Big River first aired on Radio Free Joshua Tree in 2013.


BB Blues       BB King

Rocket 88     Jackie Brenston and Delta Cats/Ike Turner

How Many More Years   Howlin Wolf

Easy     Jimmy and Walter

Just Walkin in the Rain   Prisonaires

Feelin Good       Little Junior’s Blue Flames  

Good Rockin Tonight   Elvis, Scotty and Bill

Turn Around   Carl Perkins

Hey Porter       Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two

Mystery Train     Elvis, Scotty and Bill

Blue Suede Shoes   Carl Perkins

Folsom Prison Blues   Johnny Cash

Boppin the Blues    Carl Perkins

Get Rhythm   Johnny Cash

End of the Road   Jerry Lee Lewis

Claudette   Roy Orbison

Breathless   Jerry Lee Lewis

Raunchy       Bill Justis

You Win Again   Jerry Lee

Who Will the Next Fool Be?    Charlie Rich

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin’ On   Jerry Lee Lewis


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Podcast theme: A musical trip down the mighty Mississippi River, up Highway 61, Minneapolis to New Orleans. Jazz, blues, R&B, country, folk, rock n roll, boogie, cajun, zydeco, pop, funk,–all roots, routes, bayous, trains, cities, hamlets, and muddy roads, the essence of great American music. Host, DJ Butter, spins mostly vinyl and a few historical yarns between classic tracks and stuff you probably never heard before. Picking up followers like hitch hikers on Highway 61. Take a cruise on the riverboat.

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