Boycott Putin’s Peacock, NBC.


Here I am on the floor of the 2000 Democratic Convention shooting a feature for NBC News with Richard Schiff (won 2000 Best Supporting Actor Emmy for his role on The West Wing) during Gore’s nomination celebration.

Hard to believe what 16 years has done to my opinion of NBC. From this feel good moment to today’s sad state of affairs. From Jimmy Fallon patting Don Ponzi’s pompadour on Tonight to Lester Holt’s Trump fellatio on Today to Billy Bush grabbing pussy with the Donald on Access Hollywood to Trump’s weekly sexual assault/office party, The Apprentice. Never mind Holt abetting treason on NBC’s version of the Presidential Debate, 2016.

The Peacock Network sold the farm to Russia. Boycott NBC, Today, Tonight, TOMORROW!

PS: No reflection on Richard Schiff who was a mensch, even tried to get Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue; also at convention) to go out on a date with me. I kid you not. She did not, but it was a sweet shoot-down.

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