Dan Nishimura’s powerful song about racism in the USA, WWII-style.


Dan Nishimura, right, with David and Zia Butterfield.

Dan Nishimura’s Home’s in California. Never more relevant than it is today. The song is about Dan’s family, US citizens, imprisoned for being of Japanese ancestry, during WWII. Even after the war was over, the US government  told  Dan’s parents they could not return to California. Click arrow to play

©1987 by Dan Nishimura. Sung by Dan, performed by The Poison Okies.

American citizens can expect more of the same and worse from Hitler II, Adolph Drumpf and his goons, Pence, Sessions, Giuliani, Bannon, Ailes and whoever else our new dictator scrapes from the bottom of the scum barrel.

Today’s disastrous news about Adolf Drumpf’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General should outrage all American citizens. I know  actor George Takei made a statement today about race biased internment of American citizens during World War II. The fascist statements and decisions by the President Elect and his enablers are unacceptable in the United States of America. The mere talk about internment, religious-based registries, deportation of ethnic minorities disqualifies Drumpf from holding public office

Play Home’s in California!” Play it loud. Share it.

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