Butter Fanzine #1: Teddy Quinn celebrates release of new album, 1.11.


Bill Maresh, Jennifer Irvine, Danny Frankel, Leslie Mariah Andrews, Jeff Boaz, Teddy Quinn, Kip Powell, Lisa Mednick Powell=Teddy Quinn Orquestra. At Joshua Tree Saloon, 11/12. Playing selections from 1.11, Ted’s new album out on vinyl, cassette and CD.


Danny Frankel, Sage Quinn Blair, Jeff Boaz–percussion section of Teddy Quinn Orquestra.


Beautiful evening at Joshua Tree Saloon. butterphoto©2016.


Buy it on BandCamp. Click link. http://teddyquinn.bandcamp.com/album/111

Look for the print edition of Butter Fanzine #1, Coming soon to your newstand. With review of Teddy Quinn 1.11.

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