Watch Out for the Bummer this Summer, Dude! A psychedelic memoir.


Harry Reasoner, Art Linkletter, LIFE Magazine, TV news creating the 1967 Hippie Invasion. Reagan–“They are just being complete fools.”


The so-called Summer of Love in 1967 was actually the end of a bummer in San Francisco. In retrospect, if any San Francisco Summer could be called Love, 1966 was it.

I’d spent most of the summer playing gigs around New Mexico and southern Colorado with my band, eternal nothings.


During a break in “touring” I went to San Francisco for a week to visit my brother, Jerry.

Premiering this summer, the 50th anniversary flashback. Baron von Butterfield’s Bad Behavior: The Frisco Years 1966-1967. A psychedelic serial memoir. Rancho Mantequilla followers and Facebook friends– Beware THE BUMMER! This Summer!



Nixon creates Controlled Substance Act in 1970 making acid possession a felony rap. Bottom line: yes LSD can cause psychotic reaction, especially if you are arrested on Haight Street after the Human Be-In, peaking on the free Owsley handed out by your roomate in Golden Gate Park. Ever ride a paddy wagon like a surfboard while leading a sing-along of Yellow Submarine? Ever try to break out of jail by running around the walls of the drunk tank? Ever kiss a mugshot photographer? Thank you Kosmic Bail Fund, Chet Helms, Brian Rohan for getting younger butter out of there. It was a bummer, dudes. Watch out for THE BUMMER!


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