Big River with DJ Butter–Girl From the North Country, featuring Prince, 1999.

Big River logo


Prince rest in peace. 1999 on the playlist for this episode of Big River with DJ Butter–Girl from the North Country. Originally aired on Radio Free Joshua Tree, 2013.  One hour podcast featuring great music from the Mississippi River, northern edition, a send off for Prince and Merle Haggard. Climb aboard the riverboat.


Bob Dylan     Girl From the North Country

Replacements   Alex Chilton

Prince         1999

Lucinda Williams   Minneapolis

Jayhawks   She Walks in So Many Ways

John Fahey   Old Man River

Geoff Muldaur’s Futuristic Ensemble  Davenport Blues

Greg Brown     Iowa Waltz

Iris DeMent       Our Town

John Hartford   Skippin in the Mississipi Dew

Morells       Growin a Beard

Junior Parker and His Blue Flames   Mystery Train

Merle Haggard   Miss the Mississippi and You

Louis Armstrong   St. Louis Blues

Chuck Berry           Nadine

Uncle Tupelo         Whiskey Bottle

Texas Sheiks             Cairo

John Fahey         Deep River


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