Big River with DJ Butter on iTunes

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2 archived episodes now on iTunes. More to come, maybe even NEW episodes. Stay tuned. Subscribe on iTunes (free), leave a comment. Rancho Mantequilla creative content.

2 Replies to “Big River with DJ Butter on iTunes”

    1. Thanks. I was just thinking about you and tough times you’ve been having. Hope you and the ladies are doing great. I got a new camera which has been fun, full frame Nikon D810 that takes all the manual focus Nikkor F lenses I have from the 70s plus a new fisheye 12mm. I got a new domain, Rancho Mantequilla creative content, and upgraded the WordPress account when I saw that podcasting with iTunes was part of the premium site. Too much data!!! But I finally accomplished my goal and may do new podcasts if I pick up any subscribers. That’s next on the agenda: marketing.


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